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American River Parkway Foundation Oak Mitigation Project

American River Parkway Oak Mitigation Project

The American River Parkway Foundation is delighted to coordinate the Oak Mitigation Project, on behalf of the County.

This is a three year program which began in April of 2007 and runs until May of 2010.  The Foundation is responsible for producing 1200 new oak trees along the 23 miles of the Parkway. 

The trees are to be planted by either seedlings or an acorn.  Due to the climate and dirt condition the Foundation has realized that we need to plant twice as many acorns for survivability.  To date we have planted 2,400 acorns in 5 main areas of the Parkway: Discovery Park, Sacramento Bar, Rossmoor Bar, River bend (formerly Goethe) and Harrington Access.

Each tree is then caged – to protect it from predators and tagged- in order for staff to chart its progress.  What makes this program so great is the volunteer effort.  Volunteers have planted the acorns and we also have many of our Oak groves adopted. 

Why plant the oak trees?  The oak trees provide the necessary canopy to stop certain weeds from producing, such as yellow star thistle.   These trees are planted to bring about re-forestation of the riparian corridor that is the American River.

Oak Grove Volunteers.  Click here to find out more about adopting a grove.  Click here to here to see our current list of volunteer stewards.

Adopt a Grove Work Report.  Click here to submit your work form summary

If you would like to volunteer to adopt a grove please send email to

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