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American River Parkway FoundationThe American River Parkway has been described as Sacramento's urban oasis and the region's jewel.  

The American River Parkway Foundation is a publicly supported 501 (c) (3) not for profit agency, which each year coordinates the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who contribute thousands of work hours to maintaining and improving the Parkway.  Listed below are some of their comments:

KCRA3 A-List Contest

The American River Parkway Foundation is a great way to learn about the parkway or volunteer to help clean-up or preserve the parkway. I love this organization for their fundamental stewardship, dedication and downright friendliness. Pam M.

I LOVE walking through the Riverbend Park, and part of the reason why it's such a great place to visit is because of the work done by all the volunteers at the ARPF. They are great people, who do "silent" work in the community that benefits EVERYONE. Vote for them. They're TOTALLY worth it! Mary H.

LOVE the river clean-up days!! Always take my daughter and little sister for a fun day of community service and a free t-shirt!! Gotta love it!! =) Thanks for being a great charity!! Nina S.

They are helping our environment and community for now and the future of our children and grand children. aju

Either walking, biking, running or slip your canoe, kayak into this environment you can't beat what this foundation has done for the River. By providing education to the public about our natural resources, and how to keep them at a higher level then we imagine, to bring our past to our future and sustainability of this great resource. Henry S.

Worked with the American River Parkway Foundation many times through my company and my family. It is well run and a great charity to work with! Steve F.

"I can say that (outreach) is fun to do.  I did (tabling) for a couple of hours at our booth at Earth Day event this past Sunday and met a lot of folks who are excited about the Parkway.  You sure don't have to sell them on it....folks walk right up and sign the volunteer list."
Nicholas N. Ewing, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair Dept. of Biological Sciences California State University,  Sacramento

Volunteer Stewards
"Wow!! Christy Spoto and I finally got around to the mile condition report today and what a wonderful surprise ... we walked the bike trail, the equestrian trail, and a few trails down to the river and did not see any trash along the approx two and a half miles that we walked. We have been the stewards of this mile for --- years, and even though it is generally pretty clean, this is the first time that there has been absolutely nothing to remove!!
Katie Baygell
Equestrian Trail Patrol  Mile Steward 10N

Half Marathon
I wanted to let you know that I thought (Parkway Half Marathon) was a smash!  Well organized, well attended, good vendors, lots of volunteers, including some from the FTB BUG.  And, you couldn't ask for better racing weather. I thought it was perfect.
Regards, Marc Narlesky
Franchise Tax Board, Bicycle User Group (BUG)  Mile Steward 15N

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