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American River Parkway Foundation (ARPF) - Sacramento, CA   American River Parkway Foundation
American River Parkway Foundation - Sacramento, CA

Great American River Clean Up

The Great American River Clean Up is coming
September 21st, 2013

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Amercian River Parkway Foundation
Welcome to the American River Parkway Foundation

The American River Parkway is a true treasure in the landscape of Sacramento. The parkway is a 23 mile, 4,600 acre expanse of land, water and nature. Our forefathers were smart in wanting to protect this wonderful resource hence creating a regional park.

The American River Parkway Foundation was created in 1983 with the vision of the parkway being a sustainable natural resource to all. To that end, the Foundation coordinates programs and works with volunteers to foster environmental stewardship, facilitate volunteer opportunities, as well as fund and implement Parkway projects.

Our work would not be possible without the generosity of the Greater Sacramento community. The donations that the Foundation receives go directly back in to the parkway. Whether they are applied to removing invasive plants, cleaning up graffiti, replacing kiosks or being distributed through our grant process, the money stays on the parkway.

The Foundation receives $16,000 a year from the County and raises all of the funds necessary to operate. The Foundation employs a staff of six and a cadre of volunteers who total more than 4,000 and in fiscal year 2011 put in over 16,000 hours to keep the parkway – the jewel of Sacramento.

As the Executive Director, I welcome your comments, thoughts and look forward to meeting each of you at some point whether on or off the parkway. Please stop by our offices located at the entrance of William B. Pond and take a peek around.

Dianna Poggetto, Executive Director

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