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Invasive Plant Patrol

American River Parkway Sacramento Weed WarriorsClick here to see photos of Red Sesbania clean-up

Along the American River Parkway, plants of various forms sprout up and mature.  Some of those are non-native invasive plants that out compete the native plants.  Native plants are beneficial for wildlife and can sustain themselves with very little water. Some of the non-native plants use enormous amounts of water and are actually harmful to the wildlife.

Over the past five years the American River Parkway Foundation has removed  many acres of invasive plants.  Beginning in January 2009 it is our responsibility to remove the invasive plants along the entire parkway.

The invasive plants include:  
Red Sesbania,
Spanish Broom, French Broom, Scotch Broom,
Pampas grass,
Chinese Tallow,
Giant Reed,
Pyracantha, and

How can you help?  Click here to volunteer for the ARPF Invasive Plant Patrol.

What is an Invasive Plant Patrol?  A person or group who adopts a section of the parkway and monitors the growth of invasive plants and helps organize groups to remove the non-native plants and seedlings.

What Help can I get from ARPF? You will be supported by the Foundation in your efforts with tools, training and staff support.

This program is vital to the habitat restoration on the Parkway and we want you to be a part of it.

Work Report.  Click here to submit your Invasive Plant Patrol work report.

Adopt a section of the parkway that is prone to invasive plants.  Select from the links below to see the regions that require assistance.
1. Sections in red require assistance.
2. Many files are large and may take a few moments to load).
1A  - Discovery Park 3A - Arden Bar - Dennis Eckhart, Andreas Agos
1B - Urrutia 3A - Arden above Pond - Julie Henson and Amy Story
1C - Northgate 3A - Arden Bar & William Pond - Dick and Linda Thomas,
Mary Maret,
Scott Springer
1D - Woodlake 3B - Goethe Bar
1E - Cal Expo 3C - Ancil Hoffman - April Dearbaugh
1F - Paradise Beach - Chris Bujalski 3D - Rossmoor Bar
2A - Campus Commons to Howe 3E - Sacramento Bar
2A - H St to Howe 3F - FOB Upper Sunrise - Lee Lundgren
2A - Howe - Watt - Bob Bloomer 3G - Sailor Bar
2B - Howe Riverbend - Evan Kersey, Mike Mazotti and Bob Bloomer
2B - Kadema Rio Americano upstream islands
2C - Mayhew-Harrington Rio Americano islands and peninsula - Sarah Somers
2C - Watt - Waterton Downstream island
2C - Larchmont William Pond to Harrington - Andreas Agos
  Roving Stewards - Phil Lutz, Steve Storelli    

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the ARPF office at (916) 486-2773, or send email to

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