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American River Parkway Foundation Youth Internship Program

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One of our greatest efforts in preserving the natural beauty of the parkway is the planting of native plant species such as oak trees.  The Foundation’s goal is to plant 2400 oak acorns along the 23 miles of the American River Parkway.  Our volunteers and staff collect the acorns, plant them in the fall into groves, and cage them for protection from the squirrels and deer. Their survival depends upon watering and weeding -especially during the warmer summer months.

This is why the American River Parkway Foundation has created the Adopt a Grove program wherein individuals and businesses enter into an agreement for one year to maintain a grove.  In the summer months this responsibility is much more time consuming as the immature trees need weekly watering and maintenance.

The Youth Internship Program is designed for students to adopt a grove during the summer months.  They work in conjunction with the Adopt Stewards.  The duration of the program is fifteen weeks.  Each student  group chooses a grove to watch over and is given a watering and maintenance schedule.  He/she is then introduced to the grove steward who will maintain communication with the student throughout the program.  The student will report his/her volunteer hours to the Volunteer Manager at the American River Parkway Foundation every Monday.  After the fifteen-week duration, the hours are submitted to the school volunteer coordinator. 

The goals for this program include:
Raising awareness and appreciation for the environment
Developing relationships between the students and the Adopt Stewards
Developing leadership skills and an understanding of global responsibility

For more information, please contact the ARPF office at 916-486-2773 or email

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